Presented in this page are techniques which are taught during training. You can view each technique from start to finish, after which there's a simple explanation about it.

remember! these techniques are not to be subsituted for training. the accuracy and implementation can only be learned in a dojang by an instructor and/or a qualified trainer.

arae makki - low block

arae makki

Defense - Arae Makki is a closed hand (clenched fist) defense. It begins at the height of the opposite ear and ends slightly above the parallel knee of the same hand (if it's being carried out by the right hand, it ends above the right knee and slightly outward, and vice versa). Arae Makki is used for defense against waist level attacks, it's purpose is to block the opponent's kick aimed at the waist. The block is executed using the outer muscle and bone of the forearm (the Ulna).

batangson momtong makki - palm hand block

batangson momtong makki

Defense - Batangson Makki is an open hand defense. It begins at the executed hand's waist (if the right hand performs the technique it starts at the right waist) and ends slightly beyond the middle of the abdomen. Batangson Makki is used as a defense against frontal torso attacks (for example a fist to the sternum), the hand diverts the opponent's attack from it's course and distance it from the body. The technique is executed using the hand's lower palm.

olgul makki - face block

olgul makki

Defense - Clenched fist upper defense. The hand performing the block begins the movement upward from the opposite waist. The palm facing up, the other hand prepares to do the opposite motion, and both hands start moving together. The hand at the waist move up and the other hand down. At the end of the technique there's a lock of the forearms, one to the block and the other to the waist.

sonnal mok chigi - knife hand attack to the neck

sonnal mok chigi

Attack - Knife hand attack to the neck. The attacking hand opens and stretches backwards in order to create distance from the target. The other hand points towards the target. The attacking hand moves towards the target as the thumb is turned towards the body and ends with an inward rotating cutting motion that splits the target. The other hand makes the opposite motion towards the waist and locks in place together with the attack.

agwison kaljaebi - arc hand attack to the throat

agwison kaljaebi

Attack - Arc hand attack to the throat. The attacking hand starts moving from the waist (as the fingers are stretched to one side and the thumb the other) in a rotating motion towards the throat and the other hand stretches to the waist.

anpalmok momtong bakkat makki - outside block

anpalmok momtong bakkat makki

Defense - An external block at the center of the body. The block starts from the opposite waist like drawing a sword and ends with the fist's palm facing towards the shoulder. The other hand stretches back along with the chest.

anpalmok momtong bakkat makki

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