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korean ambassador championship
On the 4 of december the Korean Ambassador and Israel Poomsae Championships for 2014 will take place in Ramla. Further details can be found in the competitions regulations.
Korean Ambassador Championship 2014.
Israel Poomsae Championship 2014.

Photos by: Noam Ofran

hasharon championship
On Hanukkah, on the 23 of december hasharon championship will take place at Hod Hasharon.
The competition is open for all ages with sparring matches and poomsae.
You can register until the 11 of december but the number of participants is limited to 180 so hurry.
Further details in the invitation and toward the championship.

new kids group
A new kids group have opened in the dojang on thursdays from 4:45pm to 5:30pm for ages 3-4.

competitions 2014

*Dates are liable to change

Students of The Month
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Famous Practitioners
Barack Obama Elvis Presley Kylie Minogue


Israel Champ12.28.12

Hasharon Champ12.10.12

Children Test06.02.11

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Our channel on YouTube


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