zamir taekwondo dojang was founded in 2000 by itsik zamir

Itsik Zamir

Master Itsik Zamir, black belt 5th Dan, Israel champion six times consecutively between the years 1989 - 1995, graduated from Wingate Institute and the World Taekwondo Academy. Training since age 12 at Master Yaakov Bussani's dojang (6th Dan). Tuina practitioner - a form of Chinese therapy.

Our Taekwondo dojang is equipped with olympic mats, which allows for a dynamic, safe and comfort workout. Training mitts for focusing the kicks and hand techniques, punching bags and a pleasent sports atmosphere.

personal follow-up

Every six months of training we perform a belt test, which signify our students' increase in assimilating the values of Taekwondo and in the performance level of the hands and feet techniques required in every level.

- perseverance and parents' support contribute to our children's success in taekwondo! -

an olympic sport

Every trainee is given the possibility to choose the competitive side and compete in regional, national and international championships. As preparations for these competitions, we perform extra training for the dojang competitive team.

parent-children training

From time to time we perform joint trainings between students and their parents. These trainings are bonding and enjoyable, both for the parents and the students.

student of the month

As appreciation for the effort, persistence and strictness in keeping the three dojang rules a trophy is granted every month to the best student.

zamir taekwondo dojang in its foundation is built upon the three principles of respect: for the coach, members and place.

respect for the coach - Preserving the coach's dignity in time of training and during all the life of a person training in Taekwondo in favor of recognizing their coach's ability and the will to keep his self respect and that of the dojang. Maintaining the dignity of the trainee's parents, teachers and co-workers by understanding that every person deserves respect from the start and without prejudice.

respect for the members - Preserving the respect of the dojang's members, from every group, without question for the respect of the higher ranks, as the higher ranks maintain the respect of the young and their code to help the younger members develop in rank. Preserving the respect of our equals also in our life outside the dojang - Our classmates, siblings and partners in the workplace and in life in general.

respect for the place - Maintaining respect for the dojang, indiscriminately, whether it is comfortable or not, big or small. The dojang is like a second home for all the trainees out of knowing that it's the place for relieving the mind from the day's frustrations. Preserving the place's respect through proper behavior, keeping it clean and tidy. When entering the dojang one must bow, which shows respect for oneself and the place.

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zamir taekwondo

student of the month

zamir taekwondo


respect for the coach, members and place

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